5-Minute Bio

Ever since moving to Bavaria, Germany in July of 2016, I have found it extremely time-consuming to update all our family members and friends separately. While I’ve tried to keep up-to-date photos on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I realize not everybody uses social media platforms (and I don’t blame them). And besides, those are terrible places to post stories or anything longer than a couple sentences.

I know you all have questions, and I promise I have answers. I have a couple of months to catch up on, but don’t doubt that I have everything planned out and my hands will be falling off in an attempt to write on as many topics as I can.

If you’re not one of my friends, or family members, please feel free to explore my posts anyway. I had many questions and concerns upon moving here, and I relied heavily on trial and error to figure most things out. You can imagine this led to many awkward encounters and epiphanic moments. Hopefully my experiences will save you the trouble of going through the same things.

As for me, I’m Daisy. A 25-year-old free spirit with independent tendencies and a love for (very) long distance running, ethnic food, old whiskey, new coloring books, and having intense debates with my husband over a home-cooked meal. If I see anything peacock-related in a store, I must buy it, regardless of what it is. In 2013 I graduated from a small, private Ohio college with a degree in Professional Writing and a minor in Psychology. My professional background is in copywriting, marketing, photography, and Army Public Affairs (but my Army career is a story for another day).

My husband, Lee, is an Army Combat Medic. After a couple valiant attempts at gaining acceptance to medical school (and a few years working as a chemist), he decided joining the military would be the most productive way to start his healthcare career. Although I have yet to master the art of “Army Wifing,” I’m immensely proud of all he has accomplished.

Please note that since we are connected to the military, I will not post any details such as dates, times, or locations of U.S. or local national military training exercises. Furthermore, I will not publicly post any information regarding upcoming travel dates, excursions, vacations, or trips. None of our friends will be photographed or referenced without prior permission. If you require to know our mailing address or German home phone number, please contact me privately. I greatly appreciate your understanding of these matters, and thank you for not asking me any questions that would result in the exposure of sensitive information.